Do I have to prepare the property for the photo shoot?

Yes, It is very important that the property is prepared in advance.  After your shoot is scheduled you will be provided with a Home Preparation Checklist.  It’s very important that you and your client follow these simple procedures so that we can portray your property in the best possible light. When we arrive we will shoot the property as it is.

Is the weather a big concern for the photo shoot?

The quality of light is always a factor in photography, and particularly when shooting exteriors. If it is a cloudy or rainy day, we won’t be able  give property its most attractive portrayal.  We strive to be flexible with our clients in response to weather conditions, so that all of your images have “pop”. We will reach out to you prior to our scheduled shoot date when weather conditions are predictable.  If we need to reschedule at that point, no problem.

What do I need to know if a need to reschedule or cancel my order.

  • Reschedules: Life happens! Here are some examples of “life at work”: No access to property; pets in home; home not prepared properly; alien invasion; etc. etc. We get this! However we do ask that you be considerate of our time and reschedule at least 30 minutes prior to our agreed upon shoot time.
  • Cancellations: If you need to cancel a shoot, no problem, just let us know at least 30 minutes prior to our scheduled time.  If the shoot is cancelled 30 minutes or less prior to our appointment, there will be a $35 charge in consideration of our travel expense. Please call 954-465-6122

Common areas of a development – are they included in the packages?

Common areas, such as fitness center, lobby, spa, country clubs, tennis courts are not included in our basic packages.  Just add a “Common Area Package” for $100 (if same day of property shoot- otherwise there will be a travel surcharge) and we’ll be happy to shoot up to 10 images of these areas.  It will take another 60 minutes.  VERY IMPORTANT – generally developments require prior notice and/or authorization to photograph common areas.  It’s the responsibility of the owner/agent to obtain these permissions prior to the shoot.

Are 3D Tours personalized?

Your company will be listed on the opening screen of the tour, with contact information and detail available on a dropdown menu.

Can I download pictures to my computer?

You will be able to download images in several different quality levels, and also in MLS size (1020×768 pixels)

Can I download the 3D Tour?

3D Tours are viewable with a simple link and can also be embedded in your website. You can also download to a number of devices for viewing offline as well.

How much time will my photo shoot take?

Typically, a 1,500 sq ft apartment it would be 30-60 minutes, a 3,000 sq. ft. property with pool would be 60-90 minutes. These are only estimates and vary according to services requested and individual property specifics.  Common area shots require an additional 30-60 minutes.

When will my images be available to me?

Turnaround time is usually 24 hours after the photo shoot is completed.

I’m ready to have you shoot my property.  What’s next?

Please reach out to us by email: info@propertyphotopro.net or call: 954-465-6122.

When can I pay and what kind of payment do you accept?

We take credit cards, cash, checks and E-checks (ach transfer). Upon our receiving payment (cleared), you will be provided a link for downloading your images.

How are your prices determined?

We determine our rates by property size. We’ll have to spend more time with larger properties and larger rooms require several angles to portray properly. At least as much time is spent in  post processing as with the actual shoot.

What are the terms of use of the images?

As is the industry standard, all images are copyrighted by the photographer, and are licensed to the person or organization who engages our services, and only after full payment is received for services rendered. Use of images by third parties must be approved in writing by Property Photo Pro.