Why Use Property Photo Pro

  1. With the ease of surfing the internet, you have literally seconds to impress. Images with dark, muddy areas or with blown out windows will not engage the viewer’s attention, and can even turn them off.  Yes, you may have an exquisitely written description of the property and a great price, however  it is  a compelling image that create initial interest and leads the viewer to these important features. We live in an image driven age, I think you will agree.

2. It is not possible to take accurate images with phone cameras or even a high quality DSLR unless you have the proper training. Interior photography must deal with an extreme range of light, from shadow areas to bright windows or lighting fixtures.   No single exposure can capture all of these areas properly, regardless of how expensive the camera or lens that is being used.  We employ a very technical process that fuses multiple exposures (sometimes as many as 12) in a very natural manner.  This is NOT an HDR process, which can lead to a “radioactive” or “comic book” presentation. Instead we use a method that renders natural shadows and light.

3. I take great photographs of people and places, why should I bother with a professional? Take it from me, I was a landscape and people photographer for years before I started doing real estate photography.  I took a few poor photographs of my own vacation rental property before I realized that I was out of my realm!  Since then,  I have had many hours of training and years of practice at this craft.

4. It is very difficult to avoid distortion with handheld cameras. Real estate photography is unique in that there are many reference points, such as corner lines, doorways and windows, that reveal imaging mistakes such as lens barrel distortion (curved lines that should be straight) and focal plane misalignment (doorways or windows that are not aligned vertically or horizontally)  All of these errors are very unsettling to the eye of the viewer, even though they might not be able to tell you exactly why.  We use a tripod for 98% of our shots.

5. What is the payoff for having Property Photo Pro shoot my property? The answer to that question depends on your commercial area:

  • Vacation Home Rental: When I started renting my vacation home property in 2006 there were only a few other VR properties in my area (Durango, Co.). Now there are over 350 listings in the area.  How can you possibly stand out in such a sea of rentals? High quality images will increase attention, particularly if many of the other properties have so-so depictions.  Lastly, the cost of your shoot will probably be less than one nights rental!  If you get even two extra nights because of these photographs you will have a 100% return on your investment.
  • Real Estate Agent/Broker: In most areas there are hundreds of listings and buyers can flick from one to the other very easily.  Quality images tend to seize and hold the viewer’s attention.  Studies show that listings with professional images sell faster and generate higher selling prices: <insert Redfin PDF link>  Additionally, having a source for top quality images is a very graphic and powerful way to impress listing prospects who might be considering other agents or brokers.
  • B&B/Boutique Hotel: In this area it’s crucial to portray the uniqueness of the property in the most pleasing way, as that is a primary draw for customers when they are selecting a lodging.  Importantly (as of 2016), OTAs (outside travel agents), such as Booking.com and Expedia are now ranking properties based in large part on the quality of their images.   Low resolution images will push your property way down on the results.  I’ve had several clients in this category go way up in search ranking immediately after their new images were uploaded.  Typically, payback for investing in new images is realized in a couple of weeks.
  • Restaurants: In today’s competitive restaurant environment, many decide on where to go based on internet information, such as reviews and online menus. Quality images and 3D tours will also give the potential guest a sense of “being there” and atmosphere.  This is particularly relevant for out of town visitors.
  • Construction Progress: Construction projects with remote owner/managers will benefit from a 3D presentation, which can put the principals directly into the project as it is today, thus enabling an accurate assessment of the project and enabling the ability to make informed decisions. This can save considerably on travel expenses.
  • Insurance Documentation: Accurate photography, and especially 3D Tours can have a powerful impact when working with an insurance company to settle a claim.